Superabounding Love

LISTEN: Superabounding LoveWe all go through hard times and encounter hurtful, hateful people. Every day on the news there are more reports of global tragedy. Let’s face it; it’s a hard cruel world. But God’s love covers it all! What this old world needs is a good dose of God’s love. God’s love can take it. God’s love can fix it. And God’s love can enable you to deal with it; whatever it may be. 1 John 4:8


2 Responses to “Superabounding Love”

  1. David W Grubbs Says:

    Congratulations on your book! It’s wonderful that your years of experience and insight will be passed on to many who are searching for ultimate answers. I look forward to getting a copy.
    In Him,
    David W Grubbs

    • Lewis Gregory Says:

      Thanks David. Appreciate you keeping in touch! I would be glad to sign a copy for you if you let me know. I have thought of you on several occasions, especially when we pass the old church location on 141. Give me a call sometime. One in Him, Lewis