Who Am I?

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Dr. Lewis Gregory

Most people don’t like the person they have become,  hence the agonizing struggle to find themselves. Often people experience an identity crisis because their self image becomes so undesirable. Many have done everything they know to do to change themselves and start over, but all to no avail. They eagerly desire to remake themselves. But how? That’s the nagging question.

Of course the only self worth finding is your new self in union with Christ!!! Jesus Christ makes you free—free to be yourself, and all that you were meant to be. God has a marvelous design for you as a brand new person with an entirely new identity (John 8:36). Discover your full potential as a new person in Christ.

Check out “Who Am I?” to learn about this new self! Take time to get to know your new self. You’ll be amazed at the awesome person you’ve become in Christ. You’re going to love your new self! 


  1. The Ultimate Exchange
  2. A New Creation
  3. The New You
  4. Your New Identity
  5. Your New Nature
  6. Your New Life
  7. Your New Resources
  8. Your New Power
  9. Your New Attributes
  10. Your New Family
  11. Your New Heritage
  12. Your New Security
  13. Your New Position
  14. Your New Purpose
  15. Your New Destiny
  16. Glory To God
  17. Now What
  18. Living Now
  19. The First Step To Knowing God

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