I Believe God

There are times when it may appear that there is no way out. If something does not happen, you are finished. All hope is gone. However, the Apostle Paul had been there, and he had done that. Paul knew God and He knew what God could do. Therefore, Paul said, be of good cheer for I believe God, and He is going to get us through this crisis. And God will do the same thing for you. But the question is who and what are you believing? Find God’s way to face any crisis. Acts 27:25

One Response to “I Believe God”

  1. Blake Says:

    I wanted to thank you for this message I am a Pastor and had just lost my daughter and I needed to be reminded of what I know about God but my circumstance was seeming bigger than who He is. I am renewed thank you God is the beginning and the end. And my faith start with God and end with God. Thank You.