Proverbial Wisdom

If you are wondering how you are going to make it through these troubling times, this book will help. To deal with the challenges you face you need wisdom: good wisdom, godly wisdom, practical wisdom. READ PROVERBIAL WISDOM

NEED ADVICE? If so, then you will benefit from some proverbial wisdom. We encounter many complicated problems every day. Knowing where to go, what to do and how to do it can be overwhelming. The wisdom of the world is grossly inadequate to address these problems. Only God is capable of doing this correctly and completely because God alone is truly wise. Therefore, His wisdom is the best. God, who is all-knowing, has superior wisdom. He sees the big picture. God can also see the end from the beginning, so He knows the best direction to go. As the Master Designer, God understands the way things are intended to function and how to best utilize them. That is why the best advice comes from God Himself.


Chapter 1. The Wonder of It All

Chapter 2. God’s Way Through

Chapter 3. The Downfall of Mankind

Chapter 4. Total Trust

Chapter 5. Divine Acknowledgment

Chapter 6. The Source of Hope

Chapter 7. True Wisdom

Chapter 8. Treasure Trove

Chapter 9. God is Speaking; Are You Listening

Chapter 10. Make Your Life Count

Chapter 11. Wise Women Still Seek Him

Chapter 12. A Word to the Wise

Chapter 13. The First Step to Knowing God

Insights of God’s wisdom, which are gleaned from the Bible can be viewed as “proverbial wisdom.” I consider the insights our Lord has given me from His Word to be proverbial wisdom. Hence the name of this book . . . PROVERBIAL WISDOM. As you read this book may the Spirit cause you to benefit from God’s proverbial wisdom! Dr. Lewis Gregory


Practical Guidance for Daily Living