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“Journey of Grace, The New You”

The marvel of the Christian life is that good works don’t work—God does it all. Just as you were saved by the Father’s grace, you must also live by His grace. Author Lewis Gregory shares an important foundational principle: The same faith that saved you is absolutely essential to your spiritual growth. Gain new perspective on how the Holy Spirit lives through you.

Dr. Stanley’s recommendation about the author

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Best Books: Introducing the New You, The Ultimate Makeover”

Finally, there is a book that simplifies the term “born again” with simplicity and charm. Dr. Lewis Gregory has written a book that can be understood by both the mature Christian and non-believer.

Beginning with the essence of Christianity, he discusses our creation and where we came from and the importance of knowing that God created us each unique for His purposes. From there we gain understanding of the seduction of sin, and how to daily access the power of God, while understanding that we are children of God with a perfect father who loves us dearly.

Realizing the purpose for Jesus’ life and resurrection is made simple by reading about the Cross. It is here that we gain absolute freedom in Christ, forgiveness of all sin, and begin to understand that the Cross-has personal meaning to each of us, and how to have an intimate relationship with Christ.

Building in excitement, we move to God’s provision. His promises are solid and continuous! From reading about your new identity, family, heritage, your purpose, (among many more) this section is sure to get you excited about your new potential by a much better understanding of God’s hand in your life and how to grow in a relationship with Him every day.

The conclusion answers tough questions about God’s plan for your life, how to pray, and how to live a life that witnesses your new identity to others so they can be “born again” too!

Understanding our new identity can be confusing, but Dr. Gregory does a good job of making it simple. Consider it the ABCs of understanding how to be born again and live your life with the full understanding of God’s presence. Take time to read this book and share it with family and friends.

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Introducing The New You

Dr. Lewis Gregory

I met with Dr. Gregory (President of Source Ministries International) a few months ago…what a wonderful guy. His book is a culmination of many years teaching the truth of God’s incredible grace. The 300 page book is organized by “Your Origin”, “Your Problem”, “God’s Solution”, God’s Provision” and “God’s Plan”. He uses the KJV for scripture references, which I do not prefer, but he had his reasons. The book provides an excellent foundation for the “Exchanged Life” and is a good read with many scriptures and personal examples along the way.

A few quotes…”You were born spiritually dead–void of the life of God. Thus, the condition of your spiritual heart is beyond repair. Therefore, a spiritual heart transplant is vital! [Pg. 9]” This basic truth is critical for any believer to understand…we must stop trying to repair our heart and life and recognize we have a brand new life in Christ. Dr. Gregory explains the radical transformation that took place when you accepted Christ as your Savior.

“…[Christians] are often heard praying about ‘getting closer to God.’ Why would Christians pray such prayers? It may be because they feel separated from God. This false sense of separation also is illustrated when Christians pray for the Lord to ‘be with them.’ [Pg. 67]” Wow…that hits close to home. Dr. Lewis reminds us “nothing can separate us from the love of God!

There are many more quotes but suffice it to say that Dr. Gregory takes a believer step by step through the basics leaving virtually no stone unturned. I say the basics as this book is more breadth than depth…it’s deep enough to wet your whistle but doesn’t spend pages on a particular Greek nuance.

I see “Introducing the New You” as a solid book that will remind some and introduce many to the new life we have in Jesus Christ.

Review by Vernon Terrell


  • I feel you have achieved your goal in presenting the basic fundamentals of the faith. The reader will have the Scriptural truth necessary to guide him to the realization of his identity in Christ.

Dr. Steve Coyle, Pastor of In Focus Church, Rome, GA  author It’s Time to Rest

  • Hey, thanks for the book! I love it. More and more people are embracing their identity in Christ. How I thank God for raising you up to preach the truth, guy! I’m proud of you.

Dr. Bill Gillham, Lifetime Guarantee Ministries, Fort Worth, TX author Lifetime Guarantee

  • The content is excellent! It is easy to read and understandable.

Dr. Frankie Rainey, former Greek/N.T. Professor Howard Payne University, Brownwood, TX

  • I appreciate the book very much and believe it will enjoy a wide ministry. Blessings on you and your fine book!

Dr. Charles Solomon, Grace Fellowship International, Pigeon Forge, TN author Handbook to Happiness

  • I’m sure the Spirit has led you as you have worked hard for some time on this project. I’m convinced you have only one desire and that is to honor God and free humanity.

Dan Stone, former Minister, Cadiz, KY author The Rest of the Gospel