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17. November 2021

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    THERE IS A VERY UNHEALTHY TREND of verbal abuse that’s escalating worldwide. My heart is heavy because of the destructive effects that this is having in our nation and the world. Verbal abuse is vicious, malicious, vehement speech—both written and oral. Most verbal abuse is based upon lies, distortions and exaggerations. Verbal abuse often targets religion, […]

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15. September 2021

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Does anyone care about me? I feel so alone, rejected and abandoned. No one seems to care what happens to me. God are You there? God do You care about me? I need you to love me, nurture me and take care of me. 1 Peter 5:5-7 Featuring special music by Wesley Brooks singing his […]

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I Believe God

18. March 2017

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There are times when it may appear that there is no way out. If something does not happen, you are finished. All hope is gone. However, the Apostle Paul had been there, and he had done that. Paul knew God and He knew what God could do. Therefore, Paul said, be of good cheer for […]

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God, Where Are You?

11. December 2015

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  “Having been misunderstood by parents, forsaken by friends, and rejected by the church, I feel so alone. Where is everybody when I need them? God, are you there?” Many people have been disappointed, betrayed and hurt by others. They feel rejected and abandoned. Could this describe you? It certainly described Elijah after his great […]

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