When you are too focused on what you are doing you will miss what God is doing. Hence we are admonished to “be instant in season and out of season.” (1 Timothy 4:2). You must remain ready, alert and available at all times and in every place. There are opportunities and open doors everywhere, so you must be prepared.


OFF TO A GOOD START at PRARIE BIBLE CAMP in LEHR, NORTH DAKOTA. We arrived early on the first night. After visiting and praying with several of the leaders I sat on the front row to study and pray before we began. A young man named Dennis approached me. As he began to share, I sensed that he had a lot of Bible knowledge about God, but he didn’t personally know Him. Based on my questions, it became evident that he thought he needed to clean up his life before God would accept him.


So, I showed him what the cross was all about. Dennis was relieved to know that His acceptance was based upon the finished work of Christ upon the cross. He was delighted to learn that it was the responsibility of Jesus Christ to change him and make him the person Christ wanted him to be. Dennis gladly accepted Christ’s death upon the cross as the basis for his forgiveness. Then he received Christ, thanked God for his forgiveness and forgave himself. He then asked God to fill him with the Spirit, take complete control of his life and live His life through him. Praise God for such a great way to begin our conference!

Dr Lewis Gregory © 2024

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