All Links are to those with whom we’ve had a personal relationship and/or a proven record of legitimacy and effectiveness.


+ Network 220 (formerly Association of Exchanged Life Ministries)

I suggest that we make INTRODUCING THE NEW YOU by Dr. Lewis Gregory recommended reading for the AELM. It is a great book and clearly articulates Christ Life truths. Don Burzynski, Executive Director, CrossLife International & AELM member


+ Christ In You Ministries

Fall Brook, California
Jim Fowler:


+ Grace Fellowship International

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

I have a friend, Dr. Lewis Gregory, who does considerable work in the Philippines. He teaches along the same lines and would be a blessing to your people there…. The Holy Spirit has attended his meetings with great blessing, and I commend him to you. Dr. Charles Solomon

Dr. Charles Solomon:


+ In Touch Ministries

Atlanta, Georgia

Dr. Gregory has been wonderfully used in his ministry of preaching, teaching, and counseling here at First Baptist Church of Atlanta…. It is my pleasure to recommend to you the ministry of Lewis Gregory. Dr. Charles Stanley

Dr. Charles Stanley:


+ Lifetime Guarantee Ministries

Fort Worth, Texas

Hey, thanks for the book [INTRODUCING  THE NEW YOU]! I love it. More and more people are embracing their identity in Christ. How I thank God for raising you up to preach the truth, guy! I’m proud of you. Dr. Bill Gillham


+Safeplace Ministries

Blairsville, Georgia


A two day individual retreat/counseling ministry nestled in the North Georgia Mountains, with an exchanged life emphasis and a personal touch.

Phil & Mary


+Grace Ministries

Jarrettsville, Maryland

Ron Powell, Counselor

email:  Phone: 410-459-3645



The following links are provided to assist God’s people and help maximize their resources as good stewards of God’s kingdom!  Because of our varied needs and preferences, each person should make their own evaluation and come to their own conclusion as to the merits of each one.



Christian Ministries

+A Stranger’s Journey

St. Louis, Missouri


A Stranger’s Journey is a book by David Thompson. I have known David for almost 20 years. He is a good friend and brother in Christ.  His book is an expression of his life and ministry.  It is both encouraging and inspiring.

David Thompson:


+America’s Keswick

Whiting, New Jersey


Thank you so very much for sending me an autographed copy of your book, INTRODUCING THE NEW YOU. My impression is that you have enunciated very clearly the essence of what Keswick stands for both in the conferences and in the recovery ministry. Thank you for writing this important book. Bill Raws, former director America’s Keswick


+Bible Pathway Ministries

Murfreesboro, Tennessee


Lewis Gregory, my dear friend and brother in Christ, your love for His Word and your desire to lead others is an inspiration to me. Dr. John Hash, founder & President


+Champions Arise

Carey, North Carolina

Champions Arise is a grace oriented men’s ministry to challenge, encourage and coach men worldwide to become champions of Christ, enabled by God’s Spirit to live out their true identity in Him, to run the race of faith in His power, inspiring others to do likewise. Listen to  Champions Arise! a message by Dr. Lewis Gregory.



+ Cross Life Books

Parker, Colorado


A bookstore dedicated to promoting the exchanged life message.


+Beth Aliyah

Rome, Georgia


I feel you have achieved your goal in presenting the basic fundamentals of the faith. The reader [of INTRODUCING THE NEW YOU] will have the Scriptural truth necessary to guide him to the realization of his identity in Christ. Dr. Steve Coyle


Dr. Steve Coyle

Recovering the Five-fold Ministry of Jesus


A book by Dr. Coyle based on Luke 4:18. It tells how the Divine mandate of ministry given to Jesus is to be fulfilled through the Body of Christ ministering in the world today. The five-fold ministry of Jesus is evangelism, counseling, deliverance, healing and benevolence. This is an excellent resource to equip the church for the true work of the ministry.


+The Nation’s Abstinence Pastor

Coeur D Alene, ID


By God’s grace, I am known across America as the Nation’s Abstinence Pastor, impacting abstinence and marriage education legislation and policy on every level of government.  I have been able to gain the trust of Senators and House Members, alike.  The highlight of my life was when I was honored in 2006 by the US Congress to lead a national youth leadership conference in Washington, DC. None of this would have been possible without the ministry of Dr. Lewis Gregory.  Lewis led me through the dark waters of extensive childhood sexual abuse into the light of God’s healing.  Now I consider Lewis to be a dear, personal friend. If you are searching for strong biblical counseling, I highly recommend Lewis.  He also is a gifted author, trainer and speaker for your congregation.  His book, INTRODUCING THE NEW YOU, is a must read! Gary Brown

Gary Brown:


+Marriage The Journey

Atlanta, Georgia

This an excellent ministry for marriages. It is a grace oriented approach that incorporates the believer’s identity in Christ.  I have know Anne since 1984. She has attended several of our seminars and conferences. We have also counseled together on various occasions when I was at First Baptist Atlanta. She and her husband Vinson are a wonderful couple!

Dr. Anne Trippe:


+ New Beginnings Christian Fellowship

Meridian, Mississippi

Terry is pastor of New Beginning Christian Fellowship in Meridian, MS. He is also has a discipleship ministry and is the author of several books. Terry has a wonderful testimony about God’s amazing grace. “I am a survivor of cancer; and although I have some permanent side effects from the harsh treatment regime, it presses me to look to the Lord’s grace for my strength…for this I am thankful!” The Lord has allowed us to share a portion of the journey with Terry and his wife Susanne. “Brother Lewis, Thank you for being sensitive to the Holy Spirit and allowing Him to use you in prayer. Thanks for sharing the verse and the link. Psalm 107:20 has been special to Susanne and I for years.”

Terry Ivy



Children’s Ministries

+Caraway St.

Pearland, Texas


Dr. Gregory, I’m in the process of reading INTRODUCING THE NEW YOU and enjoying it greatly! I have known the “exchanged life” for years, but you have such a clear, delightful way of expressing it in your book! I have sought to explain the cross to children. For them you have to keep it simple. You have succeeded in doing this for adults. Thanks for your clear teaching of the cross and our resurrection life! I will tell others of your book and see if we can continue to sow the seeds of revival in our churches. Ron Solomon


Ron Solomon:


+The Jesus Story

Baton Rouge, Louisana

Sharing the love of Jesus with children.  As a grandfather, Don Hammatt was motivated to find creative Biblical ways to share with his grandchildren.  His work also includes a story about Jesus in Me.  Available in book or video form, as well as in Spanish.  Start children off right with these wonderful ministry tools.

Don Hammatt:






Loganville, Georgia

Consumer Auto Repair Service

Brent Johnson has been our personal mechanic for over 20 years. He is one of the best in the business. Brent is very competent, honest and dependable.

Brent Johnson:








+Biblical Principles Inc.

Walnut Grove, Georgia

Biblical Principles, Inc. is a non-profit, Christ directed organization that assists churches and pastors in leading people back to God’s Plan for sound stewardship.



Health Care


Wilmington NC

Chews-4-Health is a delicious tasting, doctor formulated, natural chewable dietary supplement derived from the most nutrient rich sources from around the world.  It combines current nutritional science with nature’s finest. Chews-4-Health contains 16 ingredients from land and sea, uniting the antioxidant powers of exotic, life enhancing super fruits with mineral rich Sea Vegetables and vitamins.



For more information contact


+Christian Care Medi-Share

West Melbourne, Florida


Affordable, Biblical Health care

Medi-Share is a non-insurance health care alternative that brings Christians together to share the cost of their medical bills and save money.


+McEwen Chiropractic Center

Snellville, Georgia


Dr. McEwen is a dear personal friend for over 20 years.  He is not only an excellent Chiropractor, but he demonstrates a genuine personal interest and concern for his patients.  If given the opportunity, he even takes the time to pray for his patients.

Dr. Alan McEwen:




+ Charis Butler – Personal Insurance Advisor

Cumming, Georgia


If you need someone to help you evaluate your insurance coverage our daughter Charis might can help. She discovered that we did not have adequate coverage in some areas and needed less in others. She gives personalized assistance, which is rare in the insurance industry these days. While you may get better rates on certain products you certainly can’t get better service! She was also very helpful in finding me some international travel insurance coverage since most companies do not have provisions outside of the USA. And the price was very reasonable! She is a fair, honest and very conscientious agent. I know several others whom she has assisted and she always goes above and beyond for her customers. I highly recommend her!

Products: Personal Insurance: Property & Casualty, home, auto, boat, motorcycle, RV, golf cart, other recreational vehicles, Personal Umbrella Insurance, Commercial/Business Insurance, Life Insurance
 Charis Butler:
Independent agent with Tidwell & Hilburn Insurance –


Outdoor Recreation

+River Fishing

Charlotte, North Carolina

“Because in the beginning there were rivers.”

Our son Drew (BasserDrew) is an avid fisherman.  Lue and I enjoy fishing too, but nothing like Drew. He is something else.  Drew’s got the knack and he’s caught many large bass to prove it. BasserDrew is a professional fisherman who concentrates on bass fishing on rivers. He has developed a web site to help others enjoy the benefits of God’s great outdoors. He has numerous interesting illustrations about God, that he has gleaned while enjoying God’s marvelous creation. Drew is available to share what he has learned with youth and/or adults. Here is a sample from one of his blogs:  I’d be remiss if I didn’t go back and give some credit to the shoalie beginning. It really all began when I was a young boy and my dad would take me wading on a small river close to home for bass and bream. He…

Read the article: 4/4/08: 826,572 Shoalie Casts Later and…WHAM!

Watch the Video of our Father & Son fishing trip:




+Genesis Internet

Charlotte, North Carolina


Many thanks to Mike for helping to make this web site possible!

Mike Dickerman: