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PANIC-STRICKEN: A World in Turmoil

17. March 2020

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. The COVID-19 has resulted in worldwide turmoil and panic. It is hard to imagine that a microscopic virus has turned the world upside down. The Coronavirus is spreading rapidly, and the severity of this virus is still uncertain. To be sure, there have been other pandemics and natural disasters that were more devastating, but […]

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28. October 2017

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Dr. Lewis Gregory . This article on MADNESS written in March of 2017 is more relevant now than ever before. Please take it seriously and respond prayerfully and carefully. . Since America and the world have continued to reject the true and living God and His Word—the Holy Bible—God’s protective presence is being withdrawn. Just […]

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Passing The Torch-Fermata Ministry Brazil

3. September 2017

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Passing the Torch is the ordination message for the new leader of the Fermatas in Brazil. Our Lord gave Edmund Spieker the vision for the Fermatas in 2004. I began assisting Edmund in the Fermatas in 2005 and have had the privilege of ministering to pastors in a total of 55 Fermatas. A Fermata is […]

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8. June 2017

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. “Choose life and live” is a word God gave me in 1994 when I was so sick and weak that I could hardly function. I had six different illnesses come upon me within a six month period. The doctors could not even determine the cause of some of them. I became so weak that […]

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13. April 2017


Conflicts are common to all mankind. But just as God was the hope of the Nation of Israel, He will also be our Savior in times of trouble. “O thou hope of Israel, the Savior thereof in the time of trouble” (Jeremiah 14:8).   CONFLICTS ARE COMMON – Conflicts have been around since the beginning of […]

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What do you think about being ordained?

7. April 2017

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Q & A Q. What do you think about being ordained? A. Ordination to the Gospel Ministry-Things to consider: What doe it mean to be ordained? The word ordain in the New Testament means to make, appoint, set forth or set apart. “And He ordained twelve, that they should be with Him, and that He might send […]

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EVALUATING INFORMATION in a world of Lies and Deception

13. March 2017

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Dr. Lewis Gregory . It is obvious that we live in an information age. But in recent years, we have also begun to live in a misinformation age. Consider the plethora of false stories through social media, fake news, and videos or movies with blatantly false information. And now under the guise of fiction, movies […]

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Spiritual Gifts

1. March 2017

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Q & A   Q.  I have a question on the gifts of the Spirit. Were the instantaneous miraculous gifts for the 12 disciples working in the 72 sent out? Do the gifts manifest today? I realize the body of Christ is divided on this subject. 2/20/17   A. Hello, I would love to discuss […]

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6. April 2016

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We are living in a very troubling time in the world. In March of 2016 the Lord showed me that the atmosphere of our world has dramatically changed. The world conditions have escalated from confusion to chaos. In recent days this has been confirmed by the events in many countries of the world. Tragically, things […]

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23. September 2015


By other Ministers   UNION WITH CHRIST Dr. Charles F. Stanley (Founder of InTouch Ministries, Pastor First Baptist Church Atlanta, Georgia) Because of the sound biblical teaching of Dr. Charles Stanley, the Lord led me to accept his invitation to join the pastoral staff at FBA as a counselor in 1986. I served there for […]

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