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Dr. Lewis W. Gregory has ministered in 28 states and 45 foreign countries since he began in 1970. Dr. Gregory sensed God’s leading to begin SOURCE MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL in November of 1982. SOURCE is a grace-oriented global Christian discipleship and leadership training ministry located in ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA.  Source Ministries exists to point people to the Source of Life in Christ: Not just Christ central, but Christ total.

Dr. Gregory is committed to a grace-oriented approach to ministry based on Christ and the Cross emphasizing our union with Christ as our life. He currently serves as president of Source Ministries with responsibilities in teaching, preaching, counseling, and writing. He has a special emphasis on training and consulting leaders—which include ministers, business personnel, and government officials.

Dr. Gregory is also an ordained minister, having been called into the ministry in 1971. He holds a bachelors degree in Business Administration from Lamar University, a masters degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and a doctoral degree from Luther Rice Seminary. His ministry has been multifaceted: Dr. Gregory has served with First Baptist Church Kaufman, Conquerors Thru Christ, James Avenue Baptist Church, Fulness House, Bible Pathway, First Baptist Church Atlanta, In Touch Ministries, Luther Rice Seminary, and Promised Land Church.

Lewis and Lue have been married since 1969. They have three children—Amy Charis, Aaron, and Andrew—a son-in-law Rich, and a daughter-in-law Cristina and four grandchildren: Thomas & Taylor Grace Butler and Theo & Sophia Grace Gregory. Lue serves as the full time Administrator at Source Ministries. The Gregory’s greatest desire is that Jesus Christ be exalted in their lives and ministry. They are personally committed to the ministry of life and the encouragement of others.


Lewis & Lue Gregory


In the mouth of


two or three witnesses…


“I believe Lewis could be of tremendous assistance to churches and associations. . . . Lewis has a pastor’s heart and loves and prays for men of God. Lewis wrote a book, Introducing The New You. . . . I have been intrigued and deeply moved by its content. Lewis Gregory is a man of prayer who believes the Bible and lives out his faith on a daily basis. . . . I commend him to you without any reservation!”
Dr. Larry Cheek
Associational Missionary

“Lewis served as an adjunct professor at Luther Rice Seminary [for 7 years]. He is an excellent communicator and teacher. His performance and demeanor were of the highest quality.”
Dr. James Flanagan, President
Luther Rice Seminary

“Dr. Gregory has been wonderfully used in his ministry of preaching, teaching, and counseling here at First Baptist Church of Atlanta. We have had a number of people testify concerning how blessed they were as a result of his ministry. …I have had the privilege of attending one of his seminars, and can therefore personally vouch for the quality of the materials he has developed, and the effectiveness of his teaching. …It is my pleasure to recommend to you the ministry of Lewis Gregory.”
Dr. Charles Stanley, Pastor
First Baptist Church Atlanta

“I believe what truly sets Lewis Gregory apart as a gifted teacher and counselor, is his personal walk with our Lord. . . . Because of his walk, I have often observed the Lord use Lewis to effectively counsel and teach others. Many of his counselees and students alike have attested to the effectiveness of his ministry. . . . It is my pleasure to wholeheartedly commend Lewis Gregory to you.”
Dr. Robert McCaughan, Director
FBC Atlanta Counseling Center

“Brother Gregory is one of the most capable counselors I have personally known. He can discipline and instruct with Christ’s love. . . . His spiritual insight and dedication is rare and I believe him to be one of the few truly great men of God that I know. I recommend him without hesitation.”
Dr. John Hash, President
Bible Pathway Ministries

“Lewis Gregory was a co-worker with us here in the ministry of Fulness. . . . I personally have never worked with any man with whom I have more oneness. . . . He is a paragon of spiritual character. . . . Lue, his wife, is a most submissive person to her husband, making their marriage a very beautiful testimony to our Lord. . . . It is a pleasure for me to commend to you my brother and friend.”
Ras Robinson, President
Fulness House



Like Timothy in the Bible, the Lord blessed me with a godly grandmother and mother—who were a great inspiration to me. They began reading Bible stories to me at an early age. It wasn’t long before I became enamored by the amazing heroic feats of the Bible characters. This motivated me to desire that same kind of supernatural life for myself.


By the time I was eleven, I had encountered enough problems to make me aware that I was a sinner. I was not satisfied with my life and I desperately wanted a change. One Sunday at church, my Sunday school teacher, Dale Carter, shared the gospel with me. The Lord revealed to me that Christ’s death upon the cross was applicable to my life. When I saw my need of Christ, I experienced a strong conviction of sin. As we knelt in the classroom, I gladly acknowledged that I was a sinner, and received Jesus Christ into my heart as my Lord and Savior. I cried tears of joy that day, as I sensed the peace and loving kindness of the Lord. Praise God, my new life in Christ had just begun!

During the next ten years, although I remained active in the church, there was a growing sense of dissatisfaction in my life. All of my Bible knowledge and church activity could not produce the peace and contentment that I thought was a part of living the Christian life. I found myself sinking into a pit of hopeless despair. The guilt over my own failures weighed heavily upon me. I became acutely aware that I was a defeated Christian.


My only ray of hope was in the sweet by and by. I attempted to console myself with these words, “Well, at least when I die, I know I’ll be with the Lord in heaven.” This was a great blessing to be sure. However, it had very little effect on the ugly here and now. So much for future hope—what I needed was a present tense transformation. Providentially, the Lord responds to the desperate cries of our hearts—even when they are as feeble and misguided as mine was. Thank You, Lord!

He graciously sent a godly helpmate into my life. While in college, I met and married my precious wife, Lue. She became the catalyst for my personal spiritual renewal. Afterward, we united with a small country church in East Texas. A careful and lengthy study of Scripture ensued. This was my desperate attempt to find meaningful answers to the critical issues of life.

I had yet to discover the life portrayed by the godly Bible characters that I had so loved as a boy. I also observed the quality of life recorded in the Bible in a real and vibrant way through a layman at our church named Clifford Sharp. I was captivated by his simple-fervent faith, boldness, and potency in prayer and witnessing. He and his wife Inez exuded the love and joy of the Lord. This produced within me a deep hunger and thirst for true righteousness.

Although I was extremely sincere and dedicated, I discovered that I had the same misunderstanding that was true of the Galatians. Having begun in the Spirit, I had been attempting to be made perfect by the flesh. I was trying to make the Christian life work by zealous religious activities and biblical disciplines. I then realized that my human strengths and abilities—although engaged in good biblical activities—were just as inadequate for living the Christian life as they had been for beginning the Christian life.


It was then that Romans 1:17—“The just shall live by faith”—took on new meaning for me. I ceased from my own human efforts (fleshly works) and entered into His rest. As I yielded myself to Him, the Lord graciously filled me with the Holy Spirit. I began to live in the same way that I had first received Him—by grace through faith (Ephesians 2:8). Finally, I understood. Christ had not come to give me life. He had come to be my life, and He is. Christ is now my very life!

Once I had totally committed my life to Christ to carry out His plans in me, I was able to know what those plans were. As a result, in the Summer of 1971, the Lord revealed to me His purpose for my life. He had made me to be a minister. Through the assistance of a multitude of counselors, God confirmed His call into the Christian ministry. Then off I went in pursuit of my calling.


However, by March 1975, I had run the gamut of Christian teaching. Ironically, some of what I had learned actually caused my Christian life to deteriorate. Once again, I felt myself losing ground. The simplicity in Christ, which I had found to be so liberating, was beginning to elude me.

Mercifully, God rescued me from yet another yoke of bondage. Through one Scripture my eyes were opened. “As He is, so are we in this world” (1 John 4:17). Finally, I saw it! I am actually one with Christ. Everything He is, I have now become in union with Him. Gone were the days of trying to become more like Christ. Now, I could relax and just allow Christ to be Himself in me. Oh, what joy to simply abide in the consciousness of His indwelling presence!

God made it clear that the nature of my ministry is to proclaim this liberating message of our union with Christ and the transforming power of the Holy Spirit. While I was in seminary the Lord showed me that I was to have a Barnabus type ministry as an encourager. He has instructed me to travel around the world sharing this transforming truth. My desire is to help people discover God’s amazing grace for living, so they can partake of His Life. I praise God for His all-sufficient grace which has enabled me to carry out this life calling!




My ministry is primarily about imparting Life, rather than teaching knowledge. I am committed to speaking the Oracles of God, so that my words will be Spirit and Life. As I minister, my prayer is for God to grant the hearers divine revelation of Truth and Life and then make it real in their lives. I am believing God for transformed lives—believers who walk consistently in the Spirit, and who are a living demonstration of our Lord Jesus Christ: manifesting the fruit of the Spirit and ministering life to others! Our Lord has many ways and methods of ministering Life. Please pray that I would remain sensitive to His still small voice in all that I say and do! 6-29-12


Dr. Gregory has been affiliated with the following organizations (Past & Present):

IAC Board member Interfaith Airport Chaplaincy Atlanta, GA

 TWR Champions Arise Prayer Points monthly writer

Pastor Life contributing writer

Sermon Central contributing writer

Sermon Index contributing preacher

IFEL contributing writer

AACC  American Association of Christian Counselors

ABC  Association of Biblical Counselors

AEA  American Evangelistic Association

AELM  Association of Exchanged Life Ministries

CARA  Christian Addiction Rehabilitation Association