The New You

Introducing THE NEW YOU

by Dr. Lewis W. Gregory

Discover a grace oriented approach to living

Christianity is so much more than rules, regulations or religious rituals. Once you become a Christian, you are a brand new person. THE NEW YOU is an in-depth look at your new life in Christ. The whole of Christianity must be redefined in light of God’s amazing grace. And the results will truly amaze you! This book offers a biblically based explanation of the Christian life: what it is and how to live it. It is a Christian character sketch—a before and after picture, designed to assist you in understanding the significance of your new identity. THE NEW YOU is the ideal resource for any serious Christian—a must for new believers! This is a no frills book packed with genuine substance, transforming truths and life-changing reality. THE NEW YOU can help you realize your full potential as a new creation in Christ.

THE NEW YOU Companion Guide is a study guide that is also available for more in-depth study and personal enrichment.

About The Author

    Dr. Lewis W. Gregory 

    President of Source Ministries International in Atlanta, GA


“Dr. Gregory has been wonderfully used in his ministry of preaching, teaching, and counseling here at First Baptist Church of Atlanta. We have had a number of people testify concerning how blessed they were as a result of his ministry. . . . I have had the privilege of attending one of his seminars, and can therefore personally vouch for the quality of the materials he has developed, and the effectiveness of his teaching. . . . It is my pleasure to recommend to you the ministry of Lewis Gregory.”

Dr. Charles Stanley

Pastor, First Baptist Atlanta & Founder, In Touch Ministries

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Introducing THE NEW YOU

The Ultimate Makeover

“The moment I got into my old truck, I knew something was different…. I went into the house where my wife was cooking supper. She took one look at me and asked, ‘What is it?’ ‘I don’t know,’ I answered. Then I told her about a man named Lewis that I met while I was fishing…. As he spoke my heart was touched! … He told me about Jesus Christ’….‘And now,’ I told my wife, ‘things seem so different!’ She joyfully exclaimed, ‘Things are different!’” A radical change occurs within you the moment you receive Christ into your heart. You are not the same anymore. You become a new person.

Introducing THE NEW YOU examines your new life in Christ. Meet the New You!


Part I. Your Origin

1. Meet the New You
2. A New Creation
3. Where Did You Come From?
4. A Personal Touch
5. What Are You?
6. Creatures of Choice

Part II. Your Problem

7. A Choice of Gods
8. The God of This World
9. Know Your Enemy
10. The Family Tree
11. Man, You Do Have a Problem!
12. What Is Wrong With You?
13. Consider the Source

Part III. God’s Solution

14. Change or Exchange
15. Your Medium of Exchange: The Christ
16. Your Means of Exchange: The Cross—Foundational
17. Your Means of Exchange: The Cross—Forgiveness
18. Your Means of Exchange: The Cross—Freedom

Part IV. God’s Provision

19. The New You!
20. Your New Identity
21. Your New Nature
22. Your New Life
23. Your New Resources
24. Your New Power
25. Your New Attributes
26. Your New Family
27. Your New Heritage
28. Your New Security
29. Your New Position
30. Your New Purpose
31. Your New Destiny

32. Glory to God!

Part V. God’s Plan

33. Now What?
34. What Is the Bible?
35. What Is Prayer?
36. What Is the Church?
37. What Are the Church Ordinances?
38. You Are a Witness!
39. Living Now!


Discover the ultimate in Christian living.


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