The Methods

SOURCE is a discipleship ministry, geared to the spiritual growth and maturity of believers, in order to build up the body of Christ for the advancement of God’s Kingdom.  The method of presentation varies according to the audience. It ranges from expository preaching and teaching, to small group discussions. Please pray about how I may assist you. Here are some possible suggestions:

This Is Living—A biblical discipleship seminar designed to assist in bringing the church to spiritual maturity. “This Is Living” provides a practical explanation of daily Christian living. The seminar helps Christians develop a steadfast faith and consistent walk in the Lord.   The seminar is presented in 9 sessions, each one averaging about 45 minutes in length. It can be modified to fit the needs of the group. The seminar is available with power point outline and illustrations, along with a workbook. This is your opportunity to gain a simple practical understanding of the Christian life and how to live it!

Equipping for Personal Ministry—A four session seminar to prepare ministers and church leaders for personal ministry. This seminar provides a ministry philosophy, as well as the spiritual dynamics for ministry. It addresses both evangelism and discipleship counseling with numerous personal examples and practical illustrations. Topics include: The Why of Counseling, The What of Counseling, The How of Counseling, and The Who of Counseling. During this seminar, you will discover how to effectively utilize Scripture and have a fruitful ministry. A 45 page workbook is available which contains over l50 Scripture references. There are also various illustrations of ways to effectively share God’s Word. The seminar will equip you to minister in the areas of evangelism, counseling and discipleship. You will learn about rekindling hope, encouraging faith and communicating love. Special attention will be given to explaining how your identity in Christ pertains to your ministry, as well as how to lead others in discovering “who they are in Christ.” Numerous case studies will be presented to make it practical. “Equipping for Personal Ministry” is intended to help equip the church for the work of the ministry. Would you like to discover insights into God’s strategy for ministry so you could help your friends and neighbors? If so, then this seminar is for you.

Dr. Charles Stanley, Pastor First Baptist Church Atlanta attended the Equipping Seminar and had this to say: “Dr. Gregory has been wonderfully used in his ministry. …I have had the privilege of attending one of his seminars, and can therefore personally vouch for the quality of the materials he has developed, and the effectiveness of his teaching. …It is my pleasure to recommend to you the ministry of Lewis Gregory.”

Cultivating Christian Leaders—Leaders need ministry too! These conferences address the nature of biblical leadership, the role of a leader, and how God shapes one’s life and ministry.

Family Relations—Conflicts abound in families. However, discovering God’s secret to meaningful relationships can result in harmony in the home. This seminar is designed to aide Christians in closing the spiritual and emotional gaps in their families.

Faith and Finances
—Planning and using finances without faith will produce leanness to the soul. Together, they result in true nourishment. This series will help you cooperate with God as a faithful steward of His resources.

Sharing the Good Life—Every child of God has embraced the good news and entered the good life. Discover God’s way of bold, authoritative sharing, which produces fruit that endures.

Decision Making—Knowing and doing the will of God seems to be a challenge for many Christians. Discover some practical biblical guidelines for this most critical part of your daily Christian walk.

Bible Conferences—If your church wants a thorough study of a specific book of the Bible, then this conference is for you. The emphasis is on examining one book of the Bible to discover a living faith that is established in the living Christ.

Mission Conferences—The Great Commission is a divine mandate that extends to the uttermost parts of the earth. This conference should give you an enlarged vision and an enlarged missions outreach.

Revivals—Source Ministries International has an overall emphasis on spiritual awakening. Now is the time for God’s people to be awakened and work together!  Therefore, let us join together as co-laborers in this great Kingdom endeavor.

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