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Q.  Pastor Lewis, I know that God can do all things and even use anything or anyone for His purposes. But I wanna ask, CAN GOD USE A PHARAOH TO CORRECT (NOT PUNISH) A MOSES? If that Pharaoh hates God…

A.  Mary, this is a significant question that requires a much bigger context and a rather lengthy explanation. Suffice it to say that God can, has and will use anything, anybody, anywhere to accomplish His divine purposes. Since God used a Donkey to speak to Balaam, anything is possible with the Lord. 

     The biblical record makes it clear that God has used leaders and individuals from all walks of life to achieve His higher purposes. God used one Pharaoh to allow Joseph to rescue and provide a safe place for the Israelites during a period of extreme famine. Yet the next Pharaoh made the Israelites slaves, which resulted in much hardship and oppression.    

    However, that provided the motivation needed for the Israelites to return to their homeland. Keep in mind that there is not a direct correlation between how God dealt with Israel, which was the kingdom of God here on Earth, and other nations. 

     While God can and will work through all governing authorities, His purposes and methods may often be different than how He worked with the Nation of Israel. (Romans 13). Today, as a result of the Lord Jesus Christ ushering in the new covenant of grace, all people everywhere can be a part of the Kingdom of Heaven. Hallelujah!

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