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I Believe God

18. March 2017

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There are times when it may appear that there is no way out. If something does not happen, you are finished. All hope is gone. However, the Apostle Paul had been there, and he had done that. Paul knew God and He knew what God could do. Therefore, Paul said, be of good cheer for […]

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God is with You

11. December 2012


LISTEN: Sometimes it seems like we are all alone. Perhaps you feel isolated, alienated, misunderstood, or unappreciated. Regardless of who you are or where you are there is one who has not forgotten you-The Lord God Almighty. And if you will let Him, He will come to you, take care of you, and abide with […]

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Living in a World of Confusion

21. August 2012


LISTEN:  Living in a World of Confusion-There is a whole lot of confusion going on these days.  In fact there is a greater measure of confusion worldwide than ever before.  As God pulls back His protective presence of peace and order, confusion becomes the order of the day. So what does this mean to those […]

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Total Surrender

21. October 2010

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LISTEN: Total Surrender-Dr. Lewis Gregory Surrender is all about giving up. Someone must be in charge. And it should be obvious by now that someone is not you. Only the Lord God Almighty is adequate for the task! Many people think they have surrendered to the Lord, but it is only a partial surrender. What […]

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