To All Who’ve Loved & Lost

LISTEN: To All Who’ve Loved & Lost-Dr. Lewis Gregory

The pain and anguish of losing something of value can be agonizing, particularly if it’s a loved one. We never truly get over the loss of someone whom we dearly love, especially a family member. Getting through such agonizing times requires the grace of God! The following is a link to an audio message that I shared about losses. It was actually triggered by the loss of our favorite pet dog Barney. Strange the things our Lord uses to help us understand the depths of human pain and suffering. Anyway, it caused me to reflect upon the various losses we experience and how deeply it hurts. Our rational mind can help us to deal with it logically, but we still feel the pain and must grieve the loss. This message, which refers to the loss of my mother as well as other loses, has helped many people, so I pray it will also be helpful to you and your family at the appropriate time. Let’s walk through it together. Psalm 40:1-5, 9-10




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  1. Barbara Nielsen Randall Says:

    Thank you for your kind words. I tried to open and listen to the link to All who have loved and lost. It will not open for me. Thanks for trying!



  2. Barbara Nielsen Randall Says:

    Yes, I am still in Costa Rica! Have you served here also? Thank you for your affirmation and for posting. I can’t open the link you sent for all who have loved and lost.

    Blessing to You and Yours,!


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