God Save the Family

butlerfamily23Dr. Lewis Gregory

The family is the most basic and vital building block of society. Yet, we are living in a day when family values are rapidly eroding away. The very sanctity of marriage is being challenged. Those who are committed to the family unit are becoming a vanishing breed. If we’re not careful, the family may someday be an endangered species. It is up to the household of Faith to turn the tide. Therefore, God’s people must come together under the Lordship of Christ, and seek Him for the preservation of the family.

The Lord Jesus Christ has removed every human barrier, and made us all one in Him. God’s solution to a unified harmonious relationship is found in Ephesians 4:3, “endeavoring to keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace.” Make this admonition from Ephesians 4:3 a commitment for your family. And also make it a prayer for all your relationships. But especially pray that God would preserve the family unit, and make it a peaceful, harmonious relationship for all concerned.

The bottom line is that God has provided a lasting solution for our relationships. Therefore, we must avoid settling for a quick fix to our surface problems. That is never God’s approach to harmonious relationships. Jesus Christ offers more than just a way to cope with life. He offers unified, enduring relationships. And His relationships are both peaceful and joyful. Now that’s true harmony!

Jesus Christ is the rightful head of the house. Under His wise and capable leadership, the family unit can remain a viable force in the world today. And by the grace of God, it will!




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