Ladies First

LADIES FIRST is considered an act of courtesy or respect. Regardless of how you view the practice of allowing ladies to go first, it’s just good manners. Although, it hasn’t always been that way and it’s still not that way in some places. Think about this; Jesus appeared to women first after His resurrection. The question is “Why?” Why did Jesus appear to the women before appearing to His very own Apostles? Could God be trying to tell us something? Please listen to the message on LADIES FIRST to understand the significance of our Lord appearing to women first after the resurrection. LISTEN:  

4 Responses to “Ladies First”

  1. Dana Meredith Says:

    Listened to this sermon of yours on “Ladies First” and I appreciate your insights. Thanks for your weekly devotions and this audio on Itunes.
    Bless you and Lou,
    Dana :^)

  2. Annette Amaro Says:

    Good word Dr.Lewis, Blessings, Ladies first, wow the last will be first :), I’ve often pictured Yeshua/Jesus roaming around Galilee with just the twelve, but scripture shows how on several occasions, at the very least, there were many women with Him also. How many is many? 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or more?

    Did the women disciples outnumber the men? We can only speculate as to how many women were among Yeshua’s/Jesus’followers(Acts 1:13-14). One thing is certainly clear, throughout the last two millennia and till this very day, many more women have continued to follow Yeshua/Jesus and serve Him. And He continues to welcome our company and value our ministry. For His Glory Amein.

    God bless you and yours.

    • Lewis W Gregory Says:

      Yes Annie, everyone is welcome in our Father’s house. And in Christ there are no more divisions between the sexes, races etc. We are all united as one-true equality. Galatians 3:28