Why do we call it EASTER?

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Q. Why do we call it EASTER, especially considering the history of Easter?

A. Good question. Some Christians have a problem with the term Easter because of the historical background. But haven’t you heard? Easter was converted from a pagan holiday to the most glorious holy day of all—the celebration of resurrection Sunday! It is the day when Jesus Christ arose from the dead. This occurred on the 8th day, the day of the new creation. And that is why circumcision in the Old Testament is on the 8th day—a foreshadowing of the glorious things to come! So now, in the New Testament it is about the circumcision of our heart; whereby, upon receiving Christ, our old evil nature in Adam is removed and replaced by a new divine nature in Christ. (Romans 2:28-29, 2 Corinthians 5:17) As a result, old things are passed away and all things are made new. This is all because we have become a new creation IN UNION WITH CHRIST! Hallelujah!!! The misguided worship of idols is now replaced by the worship of the one true and living God through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Consider what the Apostle Paul did on Mars Hill when he referred to the altar of the unknown god in order to introduce the people to the true and living God by preaching Jesus and the resurrection. All things work together for the glory of God!!! (Acts 17:16-34 & Romans 8:28)


  • Of course the short answer is that Easter is the term most readily identified around the world with the celebration of resurrection Sunday. Hence, I elaborate on this in my message about “The True Meaning of Easter”.

Q. But, what does it have to do with eggs?

A. Not trying to defend the use of eggs but since they are part of the Easter tradition we can certainly use them for life lessons. Physical life is in the egg. But eternal life comes through the Christ of the cross. Life out of death… John 12:24. Thus the picture of the cross coming out of the egg and superseding the egg! The giver of all life has given us eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord!


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