Dr. Lewis Gregory


“This is killing me!” Unruly children, antagonistic employees, broken down cars all have one thing in common. They are God’s instruments of death for us.

Describing the troubles that came to them in Asia, Paul says that they were pressed out of measure, above strength, and that they even despaired of their very lives. Ironically, Paul did not see such troublesome experiences as bad. But because it took it’s toll on them physically, it was recognized for what it was—the sentence of death in themselves.

Paul found himself rejoicing because he did not react with fleshly wisdom to the troubles he faced. Rather, he acted according to the grace of God. He had been raised to walk in newness of life, and he was! The sentence of death became the occasion to prove that his trust was in God who raises the dead (2 Corinthians 1:8-12).

This kind of death sentence is redemptive. Are you finding it so in your life? Accept your trouble as the sentence of death. It is God’s reminder to you not to trust in your human abilities, because you too have been raised to a new way of life.

So tap into the grace of God and put your trust in the Lord. The Lord Jesus Christ is your deliverer and you are alive in Him! Now start walking… in newness of Life!!!

Copyright©1983 Dr. Lewis Gregory

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