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Q.  I hear a lot about grace these days. But what do they mean by grace? There are some very strange things being promoted in the name of grace. Something doesn’t seem right. Please explain?

A. GRACE DiStOrTiONs abound!


My grandson hates this picture. When he first saw it he told me, “Papa, quit doing that!” No one likes distortions, and certainly not when it comes to grace. There is much talk about grace these days, but often DISTORTED.

Grace is the latest buzz word in the Christian community. Many are using the word, but not nearly as many know the reality of God’s amazing grace. Some proof texts are being offered, but there is very little if any basis for God’s grace being presented. Grace is a person—Jesus Christ. He is the full and complete embodiment of God’s grace.

Suffice it to say that grace is God’s divine provision, enabling and empowering. Grace is God at work. People say a lot of things in the name of grace, but if God is not at work in you through the person of Jesus Christ, then it is not grace, and it is certainly not God.

There is much to be understood about the essence of God’s grace. My book THE NEW YOU can help put this in perspective. It presents the whole counsel of God on the grace life from a biblical basis referencing 500 scriptures. It addresses many of the misconceptions that undermine grace in the daily life of the believer. The following 2 audio messages can also provide some balance to the distortion of all the recent grace teachings.

Grace Invaluable or In Vain

Grace for Living

The New You

Gracefully yours,

Dr. Lewis Gregory

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