MEMORIAL DAY: Remembering a country that reverenced God in war & peace

Below is my first edition copy of a US Government Issue of The New Testament of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is followed by the introduction page, written by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.WW2 New Testament

P Roosevelt NT

NT WW2 title page

What made this country great was its dependence upon Almighty God through Jesus Christ the Lord. As the United States entered WWII, President Franklin D. Roosevelt had a copy of the New Testament of the Lord Jesus Christ issued to each soldier to prepare him to face the horrors of war. As a Vietnam veteran I am especially glad that some of our troops still have access to the New Testament, as well as my book The Ultimate Makeover. Pray that the United States would return to its roots of faith in Jesus Christ and reverence for the Word of God, especially the New Testament.

MEMORIAL DAY is a time to remember those who gave the supreme sacrifice for freedom. Let us remember with thanksgiving those who gave their lives that we might have the privilege to live “in the land of the free and the home of the brave.” We can enjoy this great country today because of the many brave men and women who died in defense of the USA. Truly freedom is never free! Thank God for those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom. And let us also thank God for the ONE who died for all, that we might be free indeed . . . free to walk in newness of life because of Jesus Christ the Lord! We have much to remember, and much for which to give thanks. Thank God for all those who have sacrificed for this country. And pray that, “In God we trust” would become more than just a motto in our lives!

God bless the USA!!!

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