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Wed, Jul 29, 2015

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Q.  Thanks for your help!  We read the material from your website about the demonic along with the Scriptures referenced.  As we know, the enemy does not give up easy; so what steps can we take to help him in this deliverance process?

A.  Of course it is very important to be sure that he has truly been delivered from all the evil spirits that have been tormenting him and then he needs to be filled with the Holy Spirit, who will bless him with all the fruit of the Spirit. It is my observation that many people who have suffered from demonic problems may not be born again, even though they think they are Christians. Therefore, he needs to re-examine the basis of his salvation.

Once that is settled then he needs to prayerfully consider what the Scriptures say about how to live the Christian life. Also what does it means to be a Christian, his new identity in Christ (which describes his self image, determines his self worth, and explains his resources for living a peaceful, joyful life). There are too many misconceptions about God, Christ and the Bible. Also there are many incorrect teachings that leave a person with undue guilt and false condemnation. These distortions give occasion for the enemy to deceive and damage a person.

My book THE NEW YOU references 500 Scriptures on this and other related subjects.

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