What is the GOSPEL?

“The grace of Christ” is the gospel…the gospel of grace! (Galatians 1:6-7)

10678706_10152720575413544_5447484733814133830_nGod is the source of all things. He has chosen to reveal Himself as the one true life-source through His Son, Jesus Christ. Christ is the SOURCE of LIFE. When you receive Christ, you have His life because of your spiritual union with Christ.

Only as you live from the true life source can you experience the fulness of life that is derived from Christ alone. And that’s “the gospel”… the gospel of grace, which is really GOOD NEWS! Source Ministries exists to proclaim the Gospel of Grace… “pointing people to the SOURCE of LIFE in union with Christ.”

Our Lord is gathering His Eagles—the ones He has chosen to share His amazing grace. Now’s the time for the “gospel of grace” to be boldly proclaimed! Let’s work together to share this Life-giving message with the world!

Grace Invaluable or In Vain:


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