The Negative Stuff

Tue, Aug 25, 2015


Q & A

Dr. Lewis Gregory

Q. Do all thoughts and behaviors reflect some part of God? If there is an all-knowing God, then it seems like what we do in our lives must reflect some aspect of who God is. If we like a particular thing, does that mean some part of God likes it too? What about negative stuff? If God didn’t make the negative stuff, who did?

A. Wow, deep stuff you’re asking. God, by virtue of His name, is the creator and sustainer of all things. Therefore He is working in and through all things for our good and His glory. The negative things in life show us our need of Him and the positive things show us His love, care, and provision for us.

Although God is all knowing, it does not mean that all thoughts and behaviors originate from Him. It simply means He knows about everything. The source of True Goodness comes from God alone. But the source of evil comes from Satan. The good news is that God is far greater than Satan.

Therefore when we entrust our life to Him, He will get us through even the most difficult times. Similar to that C&W song, Jesus Take the Wheel, by Carrie Underwood. When we give Jesus the control of our life, He takes the wheel of our life. He becomes our life and guides us in the right direction. And when the Good Lord is in control of our life, it all works out for the best!

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