A Grace Revolution

A FRIEND RECENTLY SHARED: “There seems to be scores of us grace preachers now! I think we can safely say that grace is here to stay!”

MY REPLY WAS: “So true my friend. In 1971, when the Spirit revealed the cross to me, and I realized that I had died with Christ and now I am alive in union with Christ who is my life; I was liberated by God’s amazing grace to walk in liberty and rest. Hallelujah! Yet there were so few sharing this life-giving reality at that time. Now it seems to be really catching on . . . at least in theory.” The unifying factor among all grace-based ministers must be the common bond of our union with Christ. If we are truly operating in the grace of God then it will be expressed with unconditional love and acceptance. May God grant us the grace to put aside our differences, so that we might work together for the common goal of the “gospel of grace.” When GRACE is a reality, LOVE abounds.  http://www.sourceministries.net/…/01/grace-distortions/

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