CHAMPIONS ARISE: Prayer Points for MEN

Wed, Sep 9, 2015

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I have been privileged to serve with my dear brother Edmund Spieker (a former Executive Director with TWR and missionary with CIM) as a prayer partner and a consultant for Champions Arise since it was in the formative stages.

With Edmund Spieker sharing the message of Life in Christ

Champions Arise is a men’s discipleship ministry of TWR (Trans World Radio). The goal of Champions Arise is to challenge, encourage, and coach men worldwide to become champions of Christ, enabled by God’s Spirit to live out their true identity in Him, to run the race of faith in His power, inspiring others to do likewise.

Champions Arise is making a significant impact, especially internationally. So far it is reaching approximately 25 different language groups around the world through radio and print. I was invited to write 25 Champions Arise Prayer Points for the month of June 2015 (see link below).

I am now a regular monthly contributor to the Champions Arise Prayer Points. Please pray for my continued involvement in this important men’s ministry!

CHAMPIONS ARISE Prayer Points for June 2015

1. Keep in mind that prayer does not change things, God does! Only God can make true and lasting change. And He will do so through prayer. So, pray that you will always remember that the Source of answered prayer comes from the Lord God Almighty, and then trust Him to change things! Philippians 4:19  Read more prayer points-

CHAMPIONS ARISE! (Audio message by Dr. Lewis Gregory) Where are all the champions? Where are those who would champion the cause of our Lord Jesus Christ? There is a great need for men and women who will shine as lights in the midst of the darkness.

But how can we stand against the enormous giants that roam the Earth? God only knows! And He has made ample provision for those who are “in Christ.” It’s time for all true champions to arise! Rise up oh men of God! Listen to my message calling all champions to arise.


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