T&T Easter Stone MT 2015 – Version 2

Spiritual awakening can occur anywhere, anytime, to anybody. All you have to do is allow Jesus Christ to be Himself in you and you will be amazed at what He can do!


My first Spiritual awakening occurred in 1970 in South East Texas. As God began to enlighten me regarding my identity in Christ, I would simply pass the latest insights on to our youth group. The transformation had begun; it was quite revolutionary!


A good friend remarked that he had never seen anyone make such a positive change so quickly. Of course it wasn’t me, but the transforming work of the Holy Spirit as I began to allow Christ to live His life through me. But it wasn’t just me, my wife Lue was right there with me and our youth group also began to come alive. They had a vibrant zeal for the Lord and a genuine hunger for His Word. They began asking how they could tell their friends about Christ! Over the next 2 years many young people accepted Christ and the youth group tripled in size. This spread to the children’s group where I ministered as well.


Such continuous revival, a genuine spiritual awakening, is available to anyone anywhere. But you must be willing to lose your life and take Christ as your life and allow Him to fill you with His Spirit for it to happen. Once you do the Lord’s reviving, life-giving presence will flow through you continuously.


It wasn’t until several years later that I realized we had experienced a genuine Spiritual awakening! The fires of His passion have continued to motivate me throughout the years. I thank God for the privilege of being an ambassador for Jesus Christ. I am very grateful for the trail of changed lives that have resulted to the glory of God. Let’s keep the fire burning bright!

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Revivals—Source Ministries International has an overall emphasis on spiritual awakening. Now is the time for God’s people to be awakened and work together!  Therefore, let us join together as co-laborers in this great Kingdom endeavor.


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