You’re amazing NEW SELF

10984454_10153408612133544_1736484533098397192_nSee your self as God sees you, because in union with Christ that is the only self you’ve got. Anything else is an illusion, a deception, a lie! God sees you the way He made you as a new creation in Christ–complete in Him! And that’s the best that you can be! You are not a weak, frail critter anymore; you are a mighty champion in Christ. Hallelujah!!!

The following chapters from THE NEW YOU describe some of the amazing things about your new self in union with Christ.

20. Your New Identity
21. Your New Nature
22. Your New Life
23. Your New Resources
24. Your New Power
25. Your New Attributes
26. Your New Family
27. Your New Heritage
28. Your New Security
29. Your New Position
30. Your New Purpose
31. Your New Destiny
32. Glory to God!

To find more details about your new self read THE NEW YOU and you will truly be amazed:

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