Receive It!!!

 Dr. Lewis Gregory

Q.  Why is the appropriating of His death for me, the “No longer I who live” so hard to apply consistently in my life?

A. Our death/resurrection with Christ is not something that you appropriate. It is is something that Christ has already done for you. At the moment you receive Christ it becomes a reality in your life. Therefore you must receive it by faith. Furthermore, you don’t apply it either. In fact, you can’t apply it. That is why it seems so hard; because it is impossible! Any attempt to do so is merely a fleshly imitation. The Holy Spirit is God’s Divine applicator in our life. Only He can apply spiritual truth and life. Which is why we need a revelation that leads to a total transformation. The Christian life is the Christ life. Just as you receive Christ by faith, you must likewise trust Him to live His life through you by faith. The Christian Life is a work of grace through faith from start to finish!
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