GOD’S ATTENTION GETTER – In this high tech world everyone seems to want the latest and the greatest. People are always looking for some new thing to stimulate them. It usually must be entertaining, thrilling, or exciting. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just the way we’re wired . . . by our Master Designer.

God Almighty has designed our human senses to enable us to enjoy various facets of life on planet Earth. That’s part of what makes miraculous signs and wonders so interesting. Biblical signs and wonders definitely get our attention. Whenever God miraculously responds to the needs of hurting humanity, it should be classified as a sign and a wonder.

THE GREATEST SIGN OF ALL – Such occurrences are signs that point us to the true and living God who is real, alive and mighty in our midst. These are also wonders in the sense that what is impossible with man, is possible with God because nothing is too hard for Him. Yet, some people get so caught up with signs and wonders that they miss the greatest sign and wonder of them all—the sign of the cross and the wonder of the resurrection. 

The sign of the prophet Jonah signified Christ’s death, burial and resurrection. There is only one sign and one wonder that should consume us. It is the sign that Jesus Christ gave through His death upon the cross and the wonder of His resurrection from the dead. This does not mean that Jesus is against signs.

MANY SIGNS WERE GIVEN – Jesus did many miraculous signs and wonders during His earthly ministry (John 20:30, 21:25). However, the evidence of the cross and resurrection remains supreme. And that’s all the proof you need!

WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT THESE SIGNS –  Are you still focusing on signs and wonders, constantly waiting for the next big thing from God? Are you always asking Him for more signs? Or, have you gone beyond that to the one sign and wonder to which they all point—Jesus Christ, the sign of His crucifixion upon the cross and the wonder of His glorious resurrection!

Even though Paul’s ministry was accompanied by many miraculous signs and wonders (Romans 15:19), his focus remained upon Christ and Him crucified (1 Corinthians 2:2). Paul gloried in the cross and eagerly proclaimed the resurrection of the Christ. 

SEEK THE ONE TO WHOM THE SIGNS ALL POINT – However, too many of us are more like King Herod; we want to see Jesus, not for who He is, but for what He can do for us. “And when [King] Herod saw Jesus, he was exceeding glad . . . because he had heard many things of Him; and he hoped to have seen some miracle done by Him” (Luke 23:8). Christ wants to do far more than just entertain you, make your life exciting, or cause you to feel good. While He can certainly do all of that and more, what He really wants to do is give you Life, His life! 

ASK GOD TO REVEAL THE CROSS & RESURRECTION – This requires a revelation of the cross—you must see that you’ve been crucified with Christ! And it also requires a revelation of the resurrection—you must see that you’ve been raised up with Christ to walk in newness of Life! So don’t get caught up with signs and wonders. When they occur, thank God for them and glorify God because of them. But don’t seek them. Seek Him! 

Stay focused on the cross and the resurrection of your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Thank God for that, and glorify God because of your co-crucifixion/co-resurrection with Christ. 

PRAYER:  “Dear Jesus, sometimes I have such a hard time trusting You. I keep thinking I need a sign to reassure me, but I already have the greatest sign of all through Your death and resurrection. The cross shows that You are all loving, and the resurrection shows that You are all powerful. This is all the proof I need. Therefore, I trust You with my life.”  



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