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THE WORD IS: There remains therefore a rest to the people of God. For we which have believed do enter into rest. Hebrews 4:9, 4:3

THE POINT IS: God has spoken; there remains a rest for His people.  God looks out for His own.  He has prepared a place for us—a place of rest.  And what kind of place is this place of rest?  It is the place of His abiding presence.  The Old Testament described this rest as a land flowing with milk and honey where God would abide with His people.  This is indicative of God’s loving care and bountiful provision.  God’s rest was also described as a place of victory and peace in spite of treacherous enemies, insurmountable obstacles, and adverse circumstances.  As it was then, so it is to be now, but on a much grander scale. The first rest was external, primarily physical. But the rest that now remains for the people of God is internal, primarily spiritual. Jesus explained to His disciples in John 14:16-20 that while He had been with them as an external presence, He would soon be within them by His Spirit as an indwelling presence.  In Matthew 11:29 He described this as a rest unto your souls. Such is the rest that He has prepared for you!

THE APPLICATION IS: How do you enter into His glorious rest?  By faith! This rest comes from God, who after creating this marvelous universe, did rest from all His works.  Before you can enter into this rest, you must first recognize and admit that such a rest is only available through God.  Then you must cease from all your works (your fleshly efforts) and stop trying to do anything for God. You can’t improve on God.  He does all things well!  Even as God the Father finished the works of the original creation, so Jesus Christ the Son has finished the works of the new creation. When He did, He boldly declared, “It is finished!”  Thus, Jesus Christ is the Source of rest for you today. You enter His rest by faith, and faith alone! You simply live your life by relying in faith upon the One, and only One, who has done everything—Jesus Christ the Lord.  Once you enter into His rest, goodness and mercy will follow you all the days of your life.  Sometimes it may not look good or feel good, but rest assured, it’s all God and therefore it’s all good for you!  Passivity, not a chance!  You’ll most definitely be doing something, but the Source of the doing will be Him, not you. When you enter His rest there will be a release of His Spirit.  Then, His good and perfect works will flow through you.  So it all works out, if you rest . . . in the Lord!

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Lewis & Lue Gregory

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