A Fixed Dependency

Q & A

Q. Thanks for the Monday encouragement of your TGIM GOOD NEWS! Sometimes I think that the hardest part is leaning to rely totally and completely upon Christ for my life. And yet, it seems that’s what I need to do first and foremost. Especially since things seem to be a bit of a wreck in my life. I pray that I will learn to lean not on my own understanding, but on Jesus.


A. Yes, the challenge is to be mindful of the Lord as we go through each day. Actually it is more of a fixed dependency, somewhat like setting the cruise control on a car. It stays fixed exactly where you set it, unless you put on the brakes or step on the accelerator pedal. But first you must fix your faith on Christ. It is not learning to do it, so much as just doing it. You simply tell the Lord that you give up and then trust Him totally with your life. Then ask Him to take complete control of your life and thank Him for doing just that! Next you step out with a settled confidence that Christ is living His life through you. The cruise control is set! He will let you know if anything changes. Now just move forward with your life. It’s a faith walk . . . one step at a time.


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