Today the pressures and responsibilities of life are great. It seems like there’s always something, something problematic such as: financial obligations, marital conflicts, unruly children, faulty products, accidents, etc. And no one is exempt! A common expression is, “Oh no, not again!”

People in the days of Jesus experienced similar situations. The Bible story of Martha, the sister of Mary, is a case in point (Luke 10:38-42). Martha was so busy with the small stuff that she missed the main thing. JESUS had come to her house! He was there for her. He was not there for her to take care of Him; He was there to take care of her! That was unheard of in the history of mankind. But Jesus was no ordinary man. Jesus—the man among men—was there to serve Martha. He, who is both the son of man and the Son of God, had come to transform mankind!

     Jesus Christ had come to emancipate, elevate and exalt women! Jesus wanted to restore women to the glorious persons God had created them to be before “The Fall” of mankind in the Garden of Eden,  which resulted in humans being corrupted by Satan. The conversation and conduct of Jesus with Martha and many other women demonstrated this.

Jesus Christ was about to establish the new norm of the new creation through His death, burial, and resurrection. In Christ old things pass away and all things become new. “For as many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female: for you are all one in Christ Jesus” (Galatians 3:27-28).

     Jesus Christ—the great equalizer—leveled the playing field. Sexual barriers and human hierarchy are all abolished in Christ. Thus, through Jesus Christ, regardless of our station in life, we are all equal in the Kingdom of Heaven! And that is why the women were seeking Him. The New Testament contains numerous accounts of women seeking Jesus. In Jesus, these women had finally found someone who truly valued them, appreciated them, and respected them as persons of significance and worth.

Through the person of Jesus Christ, women could finally see the true heart of God the Father toward them. Jesus Christ is described as the living water, and the bread of life. These women were hungry and thirsty for true life—God’s life, eternal life. And they found it in Jesus Christ!

     But Martha wasn’t there yet. Martha was too busy doing what she thought was necessary. However, what she really needed was to stop, look and listen . . . to the Lord! Therefore, Jesus had to get her attention, which meant relieving Martha of her current responsibilities and making her aware of her distractions.

Thus, Jesus lovingly told Martha that she was consumed with too many things. He explained that as a result, the pressure on her was overwhelming. Jesus pointed out that it was taking its toll on her, causing her to become anxious, worried, and distressed. Jesus was concerned about Martha, and He had come to help. He wanted her to simply be still so He could love her with Heavenly kindness and compassion, but Martha was too busy!

The same thing is true today. People are too busy. Phone calls often begin with, “I have just been so busy.” It is evident that people today are still experiencing similar mental, emotional anguish regarding the pressures and problems in their lives. However, there is no need for anyone to get all hot and bothered, or become overwhelmed. Jesus Christ offers a simple solution. He made it clear to Martha that only one thing is needful. Jesus referred to Martha’s sister Mary as the prime example.

Mary made a choice: she exercised faith, and then she took action. Rather than trying to figure out what choices to make, she went directly to the Source. Mary chose Christ Himself. She simply sat down at the feet of Jesus and waited patiently on Him. Mary chose to get her instructions from Christ, and Christ alone!

     What is necessary to offset the anxiety that we are inclined to feel when going through our adversities? Mary, Martha’s sister, has given us the answer. You must follow Mary’s example. Mary purposed to seek the Lord Jesus Christ above all else. Mary understood that there was only one choice that really mattered. Mary realized that she didn’t have all the answers and that she didn’t know what to do in every situation, but she had found the One who did. Therefore, Mary chose the one thing needful—Jesus Christ Himself. And you must do the same!

     Just like Mary, your choice is singular—choose Christ and live. Jesus Christ is the true Life Source. Furthermore, Jesus Christ is your life, and He will do the living through you if you let Him! The choice you make will determine the course you take. Therefore, choose Christ; make Him your choice, and leave the choices to Him. Remember, Mary waited patiently upon the Lord!

But how do you wait upon the Lord? You can begin by looking to the Lord Jesus Christ in the midst of your circumstances. Next, submit yourself completely to Him to control your life. Then, get all your directions from Him. And finally, rely entirely upon Him to enable you to deal with each situation. Christ will never lead you astray. What He does will always make a difference in your life, for time and for eternity. And no one can take that away from you!

     So, take a lesson from all the wise women who were seeking the Lord Jesus Christ. “The angel said to the women, Do not be afraid; for I know that you are looking for Jesus who has been crucified. He is not here, for He has risen, just as He said.”. . . “And as they were afraid, and bowed down their faces to the ground, they said unto them, Why seek you the living among the dead?” (Matthew 28:5-6, Luke 24:5) Jesus is real, He is alive, and He is available to you. Jesus Christ is your way to know God.

Therefore, you should seek the Lord while He may be found! But you must seek the Lord, because if you don’t seek the Lord, you will never find Him. And you can never truly find the Lord until you seek Him with all your heart. Have you found the Lord? Are you trusting Him with your entire life? The Lord Jesus Christ is available to you both now and hereafter, but you must seek Him and trust Him with all your heart. It’s time to seek the Lord!

Dr. Lewis Gregory

Source Ministries © 2018

Think about this; Jesus appeared to women first after His resurrection. The question is “Why?” Why did Jesus appear to the women before appearing to His very own Apostles? Could God be trying to tell us something? Please listen to the message on LADIES FIRST to understand the significance of our Lord appearing to women first after the resurrection.



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